A breba crop

One of the figswhite adriatic? white genoa? – has a breba crop.  Only a few tiny figgy flower-fruits, mind, clinging on over the winter.  Nearly all are growing on branches that brush the white-painted wall – testimony to the power of microclimate, a solar ping-back I can still feel on my retina.  The figs have suffered from the dry this year, I think, their roots constrained in barrels.  It’s said they thrive on neglect, but I think perhaps not quite this much neglect.  Last summer’s tiny crop fell, confetti sized and yellowing, before it really began and the leaves dropped too, at least once.  El Nino is coming – I think I’d better get out the hose.

4 thoughts on “A breba crop

  1. hey Nicole, have been enjoying your backyard blog, especially after having slept in it . A Vietnamese lady who gave me some dragon fruit plant suggested to me recently that to get it to fruit it would be wise to cut the ends back by an inch or two in November, a little bit of fertalizer too and getting hanging up like on a t – section… |~. She gets loads of dragon fruit on hers.
    Hope you & family are well.

    • I am planning to hack into and replant my dragonfruit tomorrow, Juke, following your Vietnamese informant’s advice! Hoping that Dragonfruit and chokoes get along as I am planning to get them to share the back fence. I’m also hoping to use the cuttings to propagate some babies for the school fete (I’m running the plant stall!). Donation welcome!

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